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Fears and phobias
Gastric band hypnotherapy
Health Issues
Improved Sports
Natural Child Birthing
Postnatal Depression
Quit Smoking
Relationship Issues
Stomach Stapling
Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks
Weight Loss
Self Confidence and Self Esteem
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Lose weight for good and keep it off

Fed up of dieting and calorie counting? Lose weight naturally, and maintain the weight loss. Maintain a healthy lifestyle for life. There are no banned foods, just healthy eating. 

I can help you reduce your portion sizes, eat healthily, exercise more, and change all those old eating patterns for life.  
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Stop comfort eating

Cut the link between emotion and food. Stop comfort eating. 
Stop that constant obsession with food.

Say no to chocolate, cakes, biscuits and alcohol. You just don't fancy them anymore. Eat smaller portions, and even leave some food on your plate .

Take that first step now

Reprogram your mind, easily, naturally. 

Works well alone, or in conjunction with other weight loss plans.  
Weight loss issues are really all in the mind, get your subconscious on your side once and for all.

£50 per session

Two or three sessions, spaced a couple of weeks between each other. Complimentary back up CD's are also included for home use.

Safe, effective and non-invasive

Also available... hypnotherapy gastric band technique, or a new stomach stapling procedure. Do you have 2-3 stone or more to lose? if so, this could be for you. None of the drastic risks of real surgery. Three to four sessions are usually required , spaced out 2-3 weeks in between each other.  

Contact me now to discuss your requirements and take that first step to a new slimmer you, once and for all.

Hypnotherapy can help ! 
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Quit Smoking once and for all 

Did you know smoking not only causes cancer, lung and heart disease but it can also cause blindness as well?
Quit smoking once and for all.

Improve both your health and your bank balance.
One session only usually necessary, with complimentary CD for home use. 
Only £80. 

Quit smoking easily and naturally, no drugs necessary, quit for good. Free follow on session available if required.
I am also an accredited practitioner on the Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists. 
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Anxiety, Stress, Depression and  Panic Attacks 

Modern life is so stressful and more people are taking anti-depressants than ever before. Learn how to protect yourself from the stresses of modern life so anxieties bounce off you and no longer affect you. 

Learn how to control those initial symptoms of panic, so panic attacks become a thing of the past. Combat depression using natural methods instead of drugs and develop more positive ways of thinking. 

Feel more energetic and motivated. Control your thoughts and improve the quality of your life.

Self Confidence 
and  Self Esteem

Low self esteem and low self confidence are learned behaviours. We are not born with them, they develop over time as a result of circumstances or events in our lives. 

Hypnotherapy allows you to release negatives from your past and free yourself from this learned negative behaviour. Achieve all the goals you want to achieve. 

Improve your self confidence at work and in social situations. improve your performance in interviews and delivering presentations. 
Do you have a best man's speech coming up? Improve your confidence with public speaking. 
And  so much more...
phobia, fear, sorrow and people concept - unhappy man thinking over airplane on runway background

Believe, Achieve, Succeed.

When a fear of something becomes so great, that you will do anything to avoid it, it can be said to have become a phobia. Even the thought of these things, makes the hairs on our arms, stand on end and cause anxious feelings. 

Often phobias are picked up in childhood, maybe a parent had the same phobia?
Common phobias that may be helped with hypnosis:
Dental Phobia
Driving Phobia
Exam Phobia
Fear of Horses
Fear of Bats
Fear of Birds
Fear of Frogs
Fear of Needles and Injections
Fear of Heights
Fear of Spiders
Flying Phobia
Vomiting Phobia
And  Many More

Natural child birthing

Do you want to have your baby naturally and easily?

Learn how to handle contractions and the natural birthing process. Learn to communicate and bond with your baby in the weeks before the birth.

Hypnotherapy can really help the natural birthing process, control contractions and ease pain all drug-free.

I offer 2 or 3 simple sessions in the last 3-4 months of pregnancy. A complimentary CD is also available to download onto your phone to use on the day .

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