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Spider Phobia

“I've always been very scared of spiders for as long as I can remember.
I'm a positive person bit it was beginning to become a real issue.
If I saw one I would feel very out of control and get goose bumps on my arms until it was got rid of. I never killed one though."
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aged 55

Depression and insomnia

“Anita helped me to go through the toughest and darkest days of my life and got me back on my feet. I was a little skeptical about the idea of hypnosis, but I went to see her as a last resort. I was desperate for help but too arrogant to ask for it. I was battling with depression alone thinking I was tough enough to win on my own, but the sleep deprivation that I suffered from for months and years was too much to handle in the end. Until I came to see Anita."
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aged 32

Flying Phobia

“I have always struggled with the thought of flying for many years, and although I have flown many times, it was always an extremely stressful and anxious time. On one occasion having literally lost control of myself at an airport, pushing and barging people out of the way, shouting obscenities, I thought I must do something about this irrational and unacceptable behaviour. I decided to give hypnotherapy a go. ”
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aged 51


“Anita's expertise, her commitment and her professionalism were outstanding. Her positive energy and hypnotherapy techniques provided me with the tools to help me deal with stress and sleep loss during a very difficult divorce.Thank you Anita."
Mr S Age
aged 55

Fears and Phobias

“I had smoked for over 30 years. I had tried on many occasions to quit, used most of the gums and sprays, they all helped and I even managed a couple of months. But it is such a hard habit to break.
It’s so easy to fall back into your old ways, drink down the pub, a meal out and a cup of coffee and a smoke, just the one you think. All too soon you’re back to where you started."
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Mr H
aged 53
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